London, Canada

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is both a 400-year-old fight against racism and an ongoing response to discrimination and violence against Black, Indigenous, and other People of Colour. BLM London supports initiatives that provide a clear and direct plan of action in support of BIPOC communities, as well as the community at large. BLM London is dedicated to uplifting the Black community here in London, Ontario and around the world.

Photos courtesy of Oscar LaVerde Photography

Survey Results

In 2020, we conducted a survey to identify forms of racism and discrimination in London, Ontario. We want to identify the gaps in our region's systems to support further research with the ultimate goal of  eradicating systemic racism. Race-based data focused on our surrounding area isn’t readily available so we've started to collect it ourselves.

The full report is coming soon but for now, here's a few highlights of the findings.


65% of Black people reported that they've experienced racial bias or barriers. 66% of all BIPOC participants said the same, compared to compared to only 15% of White respondents.


87% of all respondents supported the idea of rethinking the city’s approach to policing--regardless of their race.


43% of Black people reported that they experienced racial violence or trauma. 35% of BIPOC people reported the same, compared to only 9% of White respondents.


39% of White respondents said they witnessed racism directed at BIPOC people in the workplace while 20% of BIPOC people said they experienced racism at work.



56% of Black people and 52% of all BIPOC said that they felt unsafe in a London-area school because of their race.


Though 36% of Black participants reported a negative experience with law enforcement, only 26% said they felt safe in police presence.

The Arts

35% of BIPOC respondents said they’ve experienced biases or trauma because of their race while participating in the arts.


Only 71% of BIPOC respondents living in the London area have a family doctor; the rest use walk-in clinics for primary healthcare.

Photos courtesy of Oscar LaVerde Photography

Reporting Area

To contact BLM London with an issue or concern, please send us a message here. All submissions will be kept confidential.


    For media inquiries, please contact us here.

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